Benefits of Jadeite in saunas

What is the benefit of Jadeite saunas? Is it not enough to put the ordinary stones into the oven? Well, it is sufficient. But why in a sauna should be used the proper stone according to its unique qualities, which are much better than an ordinary vulcanic rock? All those properties could be found in an exclusive sauna stone Jadeite.

This stone is the best for saunas because of its high heat capacity, well-absorbed and emitted heat is resistant to sudden environmental changes, changes of temperature. The stone does not generate any toxic gases, does not emit radiation, and its chemical composition remains constant. Comparative analysis shows that Jadeite contains 50-100 times less harmful heavy metals than other sauna stones. Moreover, Jadeite has up to 30 times more chemical elements in its structure than ordinary stones. It has a strong positive effect on human health.

Jadeite has a very high strength coefficient. Jadeite strength limit under the pressure is really high - 9 400 kg per 1 cm2. High strength Ratio, and at the same time sufficiently small thermal expansion coefficient prevent the stone from the cracks under sudden change of temperature or explosion, when it is rapidly re-heated and cooled.

Jadeite absorbs two times (or sometimes even more) less water, compared with usual sauna stones. This means that when showered with water it changes its temperature gradually, rather than immediately.

Another Jadeite feature - full radiation purity. Jadeite radioactivity is much lower than any of the cleanest natural environments. Over time, Jadeite radioactivity is increasing, but it never reaches the environment radioactivity level. Moreover, Jadeite absorbs radioactivity from the environment and cleans it.

Recently Jadeite became popular not only in specific therapeutic saunas. Many health-conscious people have equipped their saunas with the stone. If the sauna is heated by 6 kW equipment, the optimal amount of Jadeite is about 28 kg. The most modern fitness centers in the world install and offer their customers the Jadeite saunas.

Jadeite spa and beauty salons and saunas are popular allover the world. Jadeite, though, will never be used in mass-baths and saunas. The reasons are clear: small resources, the ability to make jewelry, art-decorative and religious articles