In the morning - swimming in the pool, taking contrast shower and sauna with Jadeite

In the morning - swimming in the pool, taking contrast shower, and if there is enough time – sauna with Jadeite. Swimming for 69 years old A.Trumpa is not only a relaxing procedure, but the possibility to be fit and young as well.

"I also like sauna very much. The body is recovering and the joints become more flexible. When we were younger, we used to go to sauna with my husband at least twice a week. Now we do not go there so often "- said his wife, L. Trumpiene.

Equipping the sauna in Trumpa‘s house, there were used Jadeite stones brought from Siberia. This stone is special – it remains hot for a long time, and after pouring the water over them it is easy to breathe, ears, hands and face do not burn.

There are few species of Jadeite. In China Jadeite is called „Imperial Stone“ and is used in ornaments since ancient times. In oriental medicine the stone is used as a massage tool.

Another mystery that allows to get some energy from nature - L.Trumpiene‘s hobby – collecting the stones.

She often has a polished Jadeite stone with her. If she is stressed or nervous, she knows what to do. While rolling the stone in her palms, she calms down very quickly.