Jadeite - perfect stone for your Sauna Spa - masseur Ramunas Rackauskas

How important is the quality of the stone in spa procedures?

Hot stone required for steam production. The sooner the water evaporates from the stone, the faster the steam effect is felt. The better the quality of steam, the more rewarding feeling it gives to the spa visitors.

What is a "soft" steam, how to get in the spa?

"Soft" (sometimes called "dry" steam) steam gives pleasant sensations - as if someone would be filled with a mild heat wave. Otherwise - this is just the warm feeling of moisture, it is hard to breath. After such spa majority of people go outside to „cool off“.

"Soft" steam depends on three things: hot stones, steam room temperature and relative humidity steam. Stones need to be strongly heated (to 300 degrees and more), steam temperature should not exceed 60-65 degrees and the humidity must be optimal for human respiration.

What are the main physical properties of Jadeite that determines its uniqueness in a bath?

The main feature of Jadeite is the heat conductivity. This stone much faster than any other types of stones heats from the metal heater surface. The second feature - heat capacity. Anyone can check it on the same size and shape, but different types of stones in the same amount of water. Jadeite is cooling in the least because it is generating more heat in itself. Therefore, sauna and steam production, need less water.

People that have used the usual stones for a long time, assure that Jadeite steam is much better and more enjoyable. The stone is heated up faster than the steam is overheated.