To enhance the pleasures of the sauna - mystical power of the stone

Followed the ancestral experience

Computer specialist Ramunas Rackauskas from Vilnius - passionate sauna lover.

Some two years ago near the capital, he has built a sauna and decided to follow the ancestors example – search for stones in the water.

"The stone should be collected in coastal areas where water freezes in winter.

Nature examines the stones with temperature differences ", - explained R. Rackauskas.

After some time he decided to improve the sauna and equipped it with volcanic origin stones offered in stores.

"But they did not differ from my stones" - explained R. Rackauskas.

Then he decided to try what he had heard about – semi-precious Jadeite for saunas.

"I got a couple of small stones. It was enough to experience the advantages of it myself" - he claimed.

Initially, he bought several kilograms of the stones reached Lithuania from Siberia. "They must be at least enough to pour a cup of water", - he explained.

But the changes were so remarkable that after some time R. Rackauskas decided to change all the stones – he purchased eighty kilograms of semi-precious stones.

Why? "Completely different steam, - assures Mr. Rackauskas. - Now it is sufficient to heat the sauna for much less temperature - the optimum temperature is 60 degrees.

Most important - there is no steam, but heat wave which evently spreads in the room.“

Viaceslav Maslov, the owner of „Rokiskis pragiedruliai“ did not want to believe that the steam may not irritate the eyes for a long time.

"When I was a student, one of my friends from Siberia had told about it, I did not believe. After a dozen years later, he offered me to take up the marketing of mysterious stone. Id couldn‘t believe my eyes. I convinced myself – indeed, Jadeite is indispensable in sauna: there is no vapor and the air is easy to breathe ", - said V. Maslov.

Silicic acid liberates

Jadeite reaches Rokiškis from Siberia. The semi-precious stones are found in other parts of the world as well: Asia - Burma, Japan, Central America, the United States - California.

It is believed in southeast Asia that Jadeite has mystical powers. The ancient rulers of China and Japan were wearing jewelry from this semi- precious stone, and were making dishes from it.

Anesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties can be explained by the fact that Jadeite releases silicic acid.