Benefits of Jadeite in saunas

What is the benefit of Jadeite saunas? Is it not enough to put the ordinary stones into the oven? Well, it is sufficient. But why in a sauna should be used the proper stone according to its unique qualities, which are much better than an ordinary vulcanic rock? All those properties could be found in an exclusive sauna stone Jadeite.

Structure and properties of imperial stone

Why is Jadeite structure special? How is it different from other rocks, which are normally supplied in saunas?

Jadeite in Lithuania and in the world

In Lithuania it is also possible to buy the rare stone known in the world for its healing properties. The stone - Jadeite - is a mineral, precious in any form.

Not all stones are ok for a good sauna

Sauna stones with layered structure or ones that have invisible cracks are not suitable for the sauna. Under no circumstances randomly picked stones could be used in sauna. Among such stones there may be ones that contain the minerals which release toxic gases under high temperatures.

To enhance the pleasures of the sauna - mystical power of the stone

Followed the ancestral experience

Imperial Stone admitted in spa

Rated steam advantage

Semi-precious imperial „Jade“

Television and the press, particularly in the Russian media, have again increased information on magic mineral treating all diseases - Jadeite, its supernatural powers and effects on humans.


Jadeite - perfect stone for your Sauna Spa - masseur Ramunas Rackauskas

How important is the quality of the stone in spa procedures?

For Seasonal Disease Prevention IT Specialist Ramunas Rackauskas Provides Regular Sauna.

Sauna for R.Rackauskas – the best way to promote health and well being, as the body gets rid of all unnecessary elements while sweating. The most important is that the man relaxes, rests, gets rid of stress in sauna.

In the morning - swimming in the pool, taking contrast shower and sauna with Jadeite

In the morning - swimming in the pool, taking contrast shower, and if there is enough time – sauna with Jadeite. Swimming for 69 years old A.Trumpa is not only a relaxing procedure, but the possibility to be fit and young as well.