About jadeite

Imperial Jadeite Revival for Soul and Body


  • Semi-precious stone symbolizing five main virtues: mercy, modesty, bravery, justice and wisdom
  • Jadeite amulets have been used for more than 6000 years; in South East Asia the most sacred religious items are made only of this stone
  • Antique Chinese encyclopedia issued in 1596 mentions Jadeite as means for curing various diseases

Imperial Jadeite data

  • Hardness in Moos scale: 7
  • Ultimate resistance in compression (kg/cm2): 3640-9320
  • Strength category in Protodiakonov: 20 points (scale 20)
  • Density (gr/cm3): 3.43
  • Melting temperature (°C): 1000-1060
  • Specific heat capacity (kJ/kg, °C): 0.88
  • Coefficient of linear heat expansion (10 in 5th degree *1/°C): 0.35-0.46
  • Thermal conductivity (kcal/ (m*h*°C): 2.30-3.60
  • Total porosity (%): 0.3-0.5
  • Water absorption (%): 0.01-0.03

Imperial Jadeite for Sauna (advantages compared to other stones for sauna)

  • Non-volcanogenic stone, having positive impact on health, no resources found in Europe
  • Emits metasilicic acid of antitoxic, anti-inflammatory and anaesthetic effects
  • Contains up to 30 times more elements necessary for human body and health, consists of up to 100 times less detrimental elements than usual sauna stones
  • Your sauna will be of lowest radioactive factor compared with the surrounding premises
  • Most durable compared with other stones for sauna
  • Absolutely safe to use in sauna because of durability and hardness
  • Does not steam when poured with water – easy breathing
  • Used for stone-massage because of its healing qualities
  • Positive influence on arterial blood pressure, vessels, blood structure, kidneys, urinary ways, nerves system, men sexual potency
  • Increased pleasure of bathing
  • Unique quality jadeite-based saunas can be constructed, no analogues in the world
  • Extremely high viscosity
  • Sawed by diamond only
  • Not dissolved in acids
  • Remains integral in blades up to 0.4 mm thin
  • No limits concerning radioactive factor